The Winston Salem Debutante Committee presented 6 women at its annual Debutante Ball on December 28th at the Forsyth Country Club.

Winston Salem Debutante Club, Aesthetic Images Photography

The 2016 debutantes are:

Miss Rachel Townsend Baker, Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Norris Townsend Baker, Marshal: Mr. Stewart Chase Beason

Miss Mary Carolyn Fulton, Daughter of Ms. Carolyn O’Connor Fulton and Mr. Paul Fulton III, Marshal: Mr. Robert Eugene Showfety III

Miss Jordan Victoria Gross, Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bennett Daniel Gross, Marshal: Mr. Brian Cole Fuller

Miss Evelyn Alexandra Hoots, Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Edward Hoots, Marshal: Mr. Matthew Christian Aurednik

Miss Katharine Kelly Mann, Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Clarence Mann, Marshal: Mr. Grant Alexander Purcell

Miss Kierstin Taylor McGuirt, Daughter of Dr. and Mrs. William Frederick McGuirt, Jr. Marshal: Mr. Russell Gist Towner

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