Joyous Occasion “Enhanced by AIP Team”

There is always a little anxiety about planning anything that carries an expectation to it.  Wedding ceremonies and receptions are such events.  Families and couples plan for a beautiful and blissful experience, wanting to enjoy their special moment together.  There is a lot of emotion and capital extended to making it all perfect.  There is also worry about how it will all turn out.

“Aesthetic Images allowed us to be in the moment.  To enjoy each other, our friends and family, to relish the day, instead of being in the moment while also managing the moment.”  Matt McInnis.

Careful planning, with a focus on their family and guests, helped make Matt McInnis and Mary Katherine Strong’s wedding in Hope Town, Bahamas a “joyous” one.

“It was joyous! A beautiful few days with the one I love, surrounded by the people that care for us the most. It was truly special. You could see and feel the love that surrounded us.”

It is remarkable the amount of planning detail which went into this celebratory weekend on a remote island in the Abacos.  Flights, ferries, carts, accommodations for 100 people on an island with a year round population of only 400.  It was an amazing body of work. Although Matt and Mary Katherine thought they had lined up every detail and vendor before the wedding, there were still many urgent, on the spot, concerns to solve every hour.

Matt compared it to a jump ball situation in basketball.  The ball is in the air and someone has to gain control and tap the ball to the right place.  In most cases, it was the bride and groom responding to the whistle.

“That was not the case with Aesthetic Images,”  according to Matt.  “Every time there was a jump ball, and there were many, we could count on Natalie to tap it in the right direction.”  Natalie Carter Hyde was the lead photographer for the Strong-McInnis wedding. All AIP weddings have two Professional Photographers, and Natalie and I (also her husband) worked this wedding together on Elbow Cay.

“Natalie was proactive! not only in the planning before arrival, but also nurturing us throughout our time together.  She guided us through every step and each event,  She had a perfect balance of pressure and ease, pushing us gently into photos and poses that enriched the wedding process.”

Matt McInnis, a High Point native, recently married Mary Katherine Strong, from Greensboro, in April.  The series of events and ceremony were “all he could have hoped for.”

– Jeff Hyde